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Sin City Cupcakes and FukuBurger Sighting!

Looks like we’ve been spotted with the guys at FukuBurger!

Let’s just say we’re in the process of creating the unique FukuCupcake! You didn’t hear it from us… A little bird told you!

Just be sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday, June 20th. It’s all going down at Westside Wednesdays. 

In the meantime… Grab some FukuBurger for lunch and dinner, then order some Sin City Cupcakes to satisfy your cravings!

More info?

E-mail us at: or check the FukuBurger blog

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Sin City Cupcakes to be Revealed at Elite Event in Las Vegas

Sin City Cupcakes will be revealing four (4) different alcohol-infused cupcake flavors at this week’s “Elite” Las Vegas event at the Mob Museum300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101 ) this Thursday, June 7th from 7-9pm. The event then continues until 10pm at the Triple George201 N 3rd St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 ).

alcohol-infused cupcakes

Delicious alcohol-infused cupcakes available in Las Vegas.

Sin City Cupcakes will have the following booze-cupcakes available for your taste buds:

  • Italian Stalion ( a tiramisu-inspired cupcake soaked in espresso vodka, with a decadent choco-and-espresso vodka and mascarpone filling, and topped with a sweet vanilla vodka frosting )
  • Marilyn Monroe ( a vanilla cake, with a banana vodka filling, topped with a creme de banana frosting, and white choco-chips on top )
  • Midnight Mystery ( a silky amaretto cake, filled with a chocolate vodka filling, and topped with a smooth amaretto cream cheese frosting )
  • Chocolate-Wasted-Mobbing ( one of our best-sellers! A moist chocolate/chocolate-chip cake, with a chocolate vodka filling, a smooth chocolate cream cheese frosting, and topped with a mobbish hunk of chocolate! )

The Mob Museum is being shut down for the Reviewer’s ‘appreciation’ party filled with free food and drinks as a ‘thank-you’ for taking time to consistently review local businesses as an “Elite Yelper”.

So if you Elite YELP-ers are ready for some fun competition, cupcakes, cocktails, and yummy tid-bits, you may want to make sure you are on that RSVP list!

All guests must be 21+, and unless otherwise specified, these events are complimentary for ‘you’ and a guest… And please remember to tip your bar staff and servers!

If you are attending this Elite YELP event in Las Vegas this Thursday, June 7th, be sure to pick up a boozy-sweet-treat from us at Sin City Cupcakes!

THEN be sure to tell us what you think of our decadent alcohol-infused cupcakes on, and while you’re there don’t miss out on our YELP Deal available only for a limited quantity!

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The Vegas Foodie Contest: Giving Away Free Sin City Cupcakes!

We’re SUPER EXCITED to share with you all that The Vegas Foodie will be partnering up with Sin City Cupcakes to hold a contest where you can win free alcohol-infused cupcakes from Sin City Cupcakes!


Make sure to ‘Like’ his Facebook page, as there will be information posted on there ( ) and to follow him on Twitter ( ) for the contest rules and requirements!

Who’s getting excited for a chance to win some free and tasty alcohol-infused treats?

There will be 3 prizes given away, so you have 3 chances to win. 

Check back on our blog or on The Vegas Foodie’s Facebook and Twitter for all the JUICY details!

Happy Monday!

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Sin City Cupcakes Now Offering Nationwide Shipping!

Don’t live in the Las Vegas area? Still have that craving for some delicious Sin City Cupcakes? 

Great news!

Sin City Cupcakes are now available for nationwide shipping in the 48 continental states! Our shipping boxes are in ( sorry for the short delay! ) and we’re anxious to get our alcohol-infused cupcakes to you!

For more information, check out our ‘Shipping Policy‘ page, as we have partnered with Fed Ex, so that your cupcakes will be received the next day, and will require a signature upon delivery!

With that said and done, we’re waiting to bake your special alcohol-infused cupcakes and get them delivered to you ASAP!


To place an order, call us at 702.776.0955 or e-mail your order details to

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Sin City Cupcakes at Smooth Skin Salon’s Grand Opening Party!

This past Thursday (May 31st) was Smooth Skin Salon’s Grand Opening in Las Vegas, on 105 N Pecos Street. Sin City Cupcakes was honored to be the exclusive dessert at this event. Numerous ladies ( yes and some gents! ) came to the party to show support, get some waxing done, and try our cupcakes! Needless to say, they were a stellar HIT!


The Italian Stallion, which is a tiramisu-inspired cupcake took stage number 1. An espresso vodka soaked cupcake, with a tasty chocolate and espresso vodka mascarpone filling, and a sweet vanilla vodka cream cheese frosting. You had to have quick hands to make sure you got one of these bad boys!


On cupcake stage number 2 was one of our best-seller’s Red Velvet Backseats. A velvety red cupcake filled with an irresistible cabernet red wine mousse, and our Chambord cream cheese frosting. I definitely saw a bunch of ladies licking their fingers to these!


Congratulations and much success to Smooth Skin Salon owner, Shannon Beckham! And thank you for having Sin City Cupcakes at your grand opening party!

Smooth Skin Salon – – 702.487.2415

Photography Credits – Jose Lopez


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Sin City Cupcakes Working on Two Red Bull Inspired Cocktail-Cupcakes

Red Bull Las Vegas is teaming up with Sin City Cupcakes to create two new Red Bull inspired cupcakes. What a great idea for all the Red Bull parties! Unique Red Bull treats with your favorite alcohol infused into each one!

The Red Bull Cherry Bomb is created from the idea of a cherry vodka and Red Bull cocktail. A little boost of sugar and energy is known to keep the party going!

The Kicking Red Bull is created from the idea of a cocktail based off of Jaegermeister and Red Bull. This cupcake is sure to keep your wings kicking!!

Be on the lookout for these two new Red Bull inspired cupcakes coming soon!

And a big thank you to Rob from Red Bull Las Vegas for providing the Red Bull to keep Las Vegas kicking!

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Welcome to the new Sin City Cupcakes website!

Sin City Cupcakes is proud to present our new website! Be sure to have a look around, and contact us at when you’re ready to order!

Delicious, decadent, fresh, alcohol-infused cupcakes for you and whomever you want to share with. That’s what’s on our menu – and we are glad you’ve stopped by for a little taste. We specialize in special events/special occasions and offer fabulous made-to-order alcohol-infused cupcakes.

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