Sin City Cupcakes will be revealing four (4) different alcohol-infused cupcake flavors at this week’s “Elite” Las Vegas event at the Mob Museum300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101 ) this Thursday, June 7th from 7-9pm. The event then continues until 10pm at the Triple George201 N 3rd St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 ).

alcohol-infused cupcakes

Delicious alcohol-infused cupcakes available in Las Vegas.

Sin City Cupcakes will have the following booze-cupcakes available for your taste buds:

  • Italian Stalion ( a tiramisu-inspired cupcake soaked in espresso vodka, with a decadent choco-and-espresso vodka and mascarpone filling, and topped with a sweet vanilla vodka frosting )
  • Marilyn Monroe ( a vanilla cake, with a banana vodka filling, topped with a creme de banana frosting, and white choco-chips on top )
  • Midnight Mystery ( a silky amaretto cake, filled with a chocolate vodka filling, and topped with a smooth amaretto cream cheese frosting )
  • Chocolate-Wasted-Mobbing ( one of our best-sellers! A moist chocolate/chocolate-chip cake, with a chocolate vodka filling, a smooth chocolate cream cheese frosting, and topped with a mobbish hunk of chocolate! )

The Mob Museum is being shut down for the Reviewer’s ‘appreciation’ party filled with free food and drinks as a ‘thank-you’ for taking time to consistently review local businesses as an “Elite Yelper”.

So if you Elite YELP-ers are ready for some fun competition, cupcakes, cocktails, and yummy tid-bits, you may want to make sure you are on that RSVP list!

All guests must be 21+, and unless otherwise specified, these events are complimentary for ‘you’ and a guest… And please remember to tip your bar staff and servers!

If you are attending this Elite YELP event in Las Vegas this Thursday, June 7th, be sure to pick up a boozy-sweet-treat from us at Sin City Cupcakes!

THEN be sure to tell us what you think of our decadent alcohol-infused cupcakes on, and while you’re there don’t miss out on our YELP Deal available only for a limited quantity!